Introducing Course Mode



See any green at full-scale from a first-person point of view in augmented reality!



Our patent pending algorithms quickly create a virtual hole at any location on the green.

Real-time measurements in paces from the nearest edges are displayed, taking your study and preparation to a new dimension.


Real-time distance and incline calculations help you create any scenario you may experience during your next round.


Visualize the break of putts like never before with a real-time ball tracking path and slope measurements from anywhere on the green with a single tap.


Continuously see putts going in and build your confidence and creativity around the greens.


"Slopegraide is helping me build my knowledge of green reading in a way that I never could without tour-level instruction. Course Mode has helped me tremendously with my distance control on the greens and it’s clearly paying dividends already. Slopegraide is dramatically improving my putting ability at a competitive level that would otherwise take years to achieve."

- Evan Boyer
Competitive Mid-Amateur Golfer

This is awesome, very accurate! Great product!

Mitch Cook, PGA Professional

I tried out Course Mode out on the course for the first time today.

Man, this is accurate as hell!

Ken W, Low-Handicap Golfer

"Slopegraide helps you take the 'guess' out of your putting 'guesstimate'. It really helps you to understand your present green reading abilities and enhances what you already know! Give it a try, you will like what you find out!

Dr. Bob Winters, The Confidence Doctor, Sports Psychologist

"I haven't always been a good putter of the ball and I still have much to learn, but with this technology I was amazed at how much more confidently I was able to stroke my putts. With Slopegraide in your arsenal, you will be a force to be reckoned with on the putting surface!"

Isaiah Logue, Professional Golfer




Here is a list of common questions we have received about Course Mode. Please contact us if you have any other questions, and we'll be happy to assist you!

What courses do you provide in the Slopegraide app?

You can find a list of courses available on this page. We are adding new courses to the Slopegraide app every week!

Follow us on our Facebook and Instagram channels for updates to the course list!

Can you provide my course in the Slopegraide app?

This is a new beginning for the Slopegraide app, and it will take time to populate our course database. You can submit a Course Request form on this page.

We do have an expedited course creation service available if you need one added to the app for a time-sensitive event such as a tournament. Please contact us for a quote.

We have also provided a new and improved version of Slopegraide AR, our dynamic augmented reality green reading mode that uses the LiDAR scanner on select iOS devices that you can use while you wait for your course to be added.

Is Course Mode free to use?

Most of the features and functionality in the Slopegraide app, including Course Mode, require an active Slopegraide Premium app subscription.

The cost of a Slopegraide Premium subscription is $99.00 USD per year. We are offering a 7-day free trial for new users of the Slopegraide app.

Is Course Mode available for Android?

No, Course Mode is exclusively for iOS devices. We have temporarily discontinued support of our Android app. We are working towards providing a similar app experience to Android users in the future.

Is Course Mode and the Slopegraide app legal for tournament play?

No. Using any digital technology that provides direct assistance with determining a line of play on the putting green violates the rules on equipment in the Rules of Golf.

Our printed Roll Maps are LEGAL for tournament play however. Please check with your tournament committee prior to using Roll Maps to make sure no local rules that prohibit the use of green reading materials are in effect.

Can I use Course Mode and the Slopegraide app during practice rounds?

The USGA and R&A may have local rules in effect that may prohibit the use of Course Mode on site for designated practice rounds on professional tours or at elite amateur tournaments.

For standard amateur play, yes you can! We strongly advise to keep your use of Course Mode on the green at a bare minimum to maintain the pace of play!

Is it possible to change the green speed in Course Mode?

Yes, there is a slider control that allows you to set the green speed from 6 to 15 on the Stimpmeter.

How long does it take to load a green in Course Mode?

The time it takes to load a green in Course Mode is near instantaneous, a second or less!

Is it possible to overlay a green in Course Mode on top of a real green?

Yes! Course Mode provides an Invisible green display toggle control that creates a mixed reality experience, integrating the augumented reality visuals from Course Mode with your camera feed.

Is it possible to display distances in Metric units in Course Mode?

Yes, you can set the Measurement Mode setting to Metric in the App Settings screen that is found in the main menu of the Slopegraide app.