You are only one tap away from improved putting.

You are only one tap away from
improved putting.

See the line and break of any putt on any green anywhere with Slopegraide AR, our game-changing augmented reality green reading feature.

It has everything you need to putt well.


Get any slope measurement in real-time along your putt line with a single tap.

Shows you where to line up putts for any
putt distance up to 30 feet.

Clearly see the break and speed of your putt with virtual balls rolling towards the hole.


Download the Slopegraide app and start your free trial today.

You have nothing to lose and
strokes to gain on the green.


Is Slopegraide AR legal for tournaments?

No. Slopegraide AR has the ability to calculate slope measurements on the green, which goes against the rules on equipment in the USGA Rules of Golf. Slopegraide AR was designed to be used for as a training aid for practice and recreational rounds of golf only.

Do I need a specific iPhone to use Slopegraide AR?

Most features of Slopegraide AR supports all iPhones and iPads!

However, the slope capture functionality of Slopegraide AR requires the use of the LiDAR scanner built into select iPhones and iPad Pros, which is currently available with the following devices:

iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPad Pro (2020 or later)

All other iPhone and iPad devices require our Slopegraide smart ball marker for slope capture.

Is Slopegraide AR available for Android?

No. Slopegraide AR is an exclusive feature only available in the Slopegraide iOS app.

Do I need a subscription to use Slopegraide AR?

Yes, Slopegraide AR requires a paid Slopegraide Premium in-app subscription, which can be purchased within the Slopegraide app.

How much does a Slopegraide Premium subscription cost?

There are three different pricing options for a Slopegraide Premium subscription in the Slopegraide app:

Monthly *Annual LIFETIME




*Includes 7-day FREE trial

The first option is a monthly subscription for $9.99 USD per month.

The second option is a yearly subscription for $99.99 USD per year.

An annual subscription provides unlimited access to all features in the Slopegraide app for 1 year, including Roll Maps™, our color-coded putt speed charts that are legal for tournament play! You will get a 7-day FREE trial when selecting this option.

The third option is a LIFETIME subscription for only $299.99 USD.

A lifetime subscription provides unlimited access to all features and updates in the Slopegraide app for LIFE!


Jeff Mocini

Competitive Amateur Golfer
Creator of Slopegraide and Roll Maps

As a competitive amateur, it is important to prepare for success on the golf course and have tools that will provide me a competitive advantage.

We created the Slopegraide app to simplify the complex art of green reading and help golfers make more putts and lower their scores.

Our mission is to provide solutions and technologies to help golfers of all backgrounds create self-confidence, trust, and joy in their game.

We are a veteran owned small business based out of Melbourne, Florida.

As a pro freedom company, we believe that golf is meant to be enjoyed by all who play this great game. We do not discriminate anyone based on their sex, gender, race, religion, orientation, age, or vaccination status.


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