This section contains tutorials and best practices for using Slopegraide and Roll Maps.  The tutorials are all presented in digital form, as we have made an initiative to limit our paper waste to preserve the environment.  Thank you for your understanding.

Getting Started with Slopegraide

Mounting Your Slopegraide Sensor for Best Results When Playing Golf

Using Slopegraide While Out on the Golf Course

How to Determine Which Chart to Use or Finding the Green Speed

How to Find the Slope Elevation of a Putt

A Simple Way to Use Roll Maps for Feel Putters

A Drill to Associate Colors with How Soft or Firm To Hit Putts

A Neat Trick That Will Have You Hitting Putts at the Right Speed Consistently

Calibrating Your Slopegraide Sensor


What's New In Slopegraide 2.0 - Enhanced Apple Watch Functionality




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