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Permitted under the Rules of Golf and legal for use in tournament play!

Each order of Roll Maps™ comes with the following:

- 19 Roll Maps cards for green speeds between 6 and 15 on the Stimpmeter, one side for uphill putts and the other side for downhill putts.

- 1 instructional card that shows you how to use Roll Maps on the green

- Free 30-day subscription to Roll Maps in the Slopegraide iOS app

Whether you prefer to have putts finish near the hole or run putts past the hole, there is a set of Roll Maps tailored to your putting preference.

Each Roll Maps card is 3.75" x 5.5", made from durable, tearproof, and waterproof paper that fits perfectly in your pocket or a scorecard holder.


How Roll Maps works is very simple:

1.  Determine the approximate distance of your putt and the amount of slope uphill or downhill.

2.  Using the information from step 2 and the color legend, determine how soft or firm to hit your putt.

3.  Make a putting stroke that creates your visualized putt speed and you will have more putts falling in the hole and eliminate the chances of 3-putting!

For more information about how Roll Maps work, please visit our Tutorials page. 

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"This device is legit.  I can't wait to use it more on the course!  Everything 15 feet and in was money.  And even the longer putts were tracking the whole way!"

Ken, Low Handicap Golfer

"I consider this the Trackman of green reading."

Dalton Deardorff, Enjoy The Walk Podcast