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Our patented system will help you make more putts, lower your scores, and become a great green reader and putter!

Each Slopegraide order comes with the following:

- 1 Slopegraide smart ball marker

- 1 microUSB charging cable

FREE 1-month in-app subscription to Slopegraide Premium

NOTE: Slopegraide is NOT legal for use in tournament play, however it can be used in practice rounds in preparation for tournaments.

*With four unique display modes, Slopegraide complements any green reading technique

*Not only does the Slopegraide app tell you approximately where to start your putts, the View Putt Model feature helps you visualize the speed of any putt inside 30 feet.  

*The Slopegraide app now shows you how to putt with our Putting Stroke Model feature, showing you how far back to take your putter on the backstroke and an optimal tempo to create great putt speed every time!

** Build your green reading skills with our brand new feature Slopegraide AR, our game-changing augmented reality green reading mode!  Accurately see the roll of any putt on any green, anywhere.  Double-breaking putts are also supported!

*Any green speed from 6 to 15 on the Stimpmeter is supported.

*Supports uphill and downhill putts up to 1 foot each way.

Slopegraide works anywhere, even indoors!

Make more putts and create trust and confidence in your putting with Slopegraide.



    Approximately the size of a poker chip (3.75" diameter, 0.5" depth)
    Approximately 6-8 hours of battery life
    Rechargeable battery via microUSB with a manual on/off switch
    Approximately takes 60-90 minutes for a full charge
    Bluetooth LE 4.0 
    Visual Feedback
    LED Indicator 
    Available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
    Display Modes
      *Recommended Start Lines
      -  Inches/Feet from each side of hole for putts up to 30 ft
      -  Meters/Centimeters from each side of hole for putts up to 10 m
      *Slope Percentage (in 0.5 percent increments)
       Slope Degrees (in 0.1 degree increments)




    iPhone 11 or newer

    iOS 14.7 or newer

    Apple Watch

    Apple Watch 2 or newer

    watchOS 5.0 or newer




    iPhone 12 Pro or newer

    iOS 15.5 or newer

    Apple Watch

    Apple Watch 5 or newer

    watchOS 7.0 or newer


      iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch NOT included with purchase.

      All features marked with an asterisk (*) require a paid Slopegraide Premium in-app subscription.
      All features marked with a double asterisk (**) may require a paid Slopegraide Premium in-app subscription and an iPhone or iPad device with a LiDAR scanner.


      "This device is legit.  I can't wait to use it more on the course!  Everything 15 feet and in was money.  And even the longer putts were tracking the whole way!"

      Ken, Low Handicap Golfer

      "I consider this the Trackman of green reading."

      Dalton Deardorff, Enjoy The Walk Podcast