Is the Slopegraide app legal for tournaments?

No.  The Slopegraide iOS app has the ability to show you where to aim putts on the green, which goes against the rules on equipment in the USGA Rules of Golf.  The Slopegraide app was designed to be used for as a supplemental training aid for practice and recreational rounds of golf only.

What are the dimensions of the Slopegraide smart ball marker?

The Slopegraide smart ball marker is approximately the size of a poker chip with a diameter of 1.75 inches and a depth of 0.5 inches.  The mass of the smart ball marker is 30 grams.

What is the battery life of the Slopegraide smart ball marker?

The Slopegraide smart ball marker battery lasts approximately between 6 and 8 hours, or up to two rounds of golf.  It takes 90 minutes or less to fully recharge your sensor.

Is the Slopegraide smart ball marker waterproof?

No.  The case of the Slopegraide smart ball marker is water-resistant, however we strongly do NOT recommend using the Slopegraide smart ball marker if it is raining or in extremely wet conditions.

Do I need a specific iOS device to use the Slopegraide app?

The data below shows a set of minimum and recommend requirements to use the Slopegraide iOS app.  While the app does not require a specific iOS device, these requirements may be subject to change as the Slopegraide iOS app evolves with future updates.



iPhone SE (3rd generation)

iOS 16


Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 3

watchOS 8.0




iPhone 14 Pro or newer

iOS 16.5 or newer


Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 or newer

watchOS 9.0 or newer

Does the Slopegraide app require a subscription?

Your experience will be much better with a Slopegraide Premium app subscription.

The free version of the Slopegraide app shows you a slope measurement in slope degrees and slope percentage only.

With a Slopegraide Premium subscription, you will have access to many more features of the Slopegraide app, such as our visual rolling putt model, recommended start lines, displayed slopes in slope percentages, configurable green speed, putt speed, uphill/downhill elevation, using Slopegraide with your Apple Watch, and our NEW visual putting stroke model!

How much does a premium subscription cost? 

A Slopegraide Premium subscription costs $199.99 USD per year

An annual subscription provides unlimited access to all features in the Slopegraide iOS app for 1 year, including our NEW game-changing virtual ball rolling simulator feature Course ModeSlopegraide AR (iOS device with LiDAR scanner required), our NEW and improved 3D View Putt Model, our Roll Maps® training mode, our Visual Putting Stroke Model, and more! 

New Slopegraide Premium subscriptions also come with a 7-day FREE trial.

What courses are available in the new Course Mode feature?

We are adding new courses to our Course Mode database each week!  You can see a full list of all courses that are currently available in Course Mode here!